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How Everything Started at Yaletown Wellness

What started as an Acupuncture Clinic, now is a multidisciplinary clinic with more than 18 different services.

As we approach the final day of the year, we're thrilled to reflect on the incredible evolution of 'Yaletown Wellness Center.' What began as an Acupuncture Clinic has grown into a multidisciplinary hub, now offering over 18 diverse services. Your continued support has fueled this expansion, allowing us to contribute to the improved life quality of Vancouverites.

In the spirit of growth, we've recently opened 'Mainland Wholistic Wellness,' our sister clinic just a few blocks away from Yaletown Wellness. Explore more about our extended offerings on our website.
Incorporating the latest techniques, our health and beauty services prioritize proven effectiveness and safety. Yaletown Wellness Center offers a wide range of services, all accompanied by stellar customer service and convenient hours. Through personalized consultations, we craft a unique treatment plan tailored to your health goals and lifestyle. Dive into a transformative health and beauty experience with our signature comprehensive plans.

Whether you seek health or beauty services, our comprehensive list caters to all your needs.

Health Services:

Registered Acupuncture
Registered Massage Therapy
Hot Stone Massage
Shockwave Therapy
Cupping Therapy
Herbal Medicine
Custom Orthotics

Beauty Services:

Facial Acupuncture
Microcurrent Facial Lifting
Facial Spa Day
Buccal Massage
Face Contour Massage
Buccal Massage + Facial Acupuncture
Face Contour Massage + Facial Acupuncture

Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to continuing to be your go-to destination for both health and beauty in the coming year.

Cheers to a thriving and rejuvenating 2024!


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