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Treatable Health Conditions With TCM At Yaletown Wellness Center

We believe in a holistic approach to health supported by science. We are committed to performing the most effective and powerful treatment to each patient. We want patients to be able to access any treatments that they may need to put their health as their priority. Here we listed some of the health conditions that can be treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at our Wellness Center. We also have a list of beauty conditions that we treat, stay tuned to see it in a future blog post.

Pain Management

Musko-Skeletal Pain
Pain management is the no.1 reason why people visit our clinic. We have had numerous successes treating our patients for different types of pain.
Neck, shoulder, back (upper/lower), hip, arm/leg, joint pain, arthritis, tendinitis, whiplash, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, and golf elbow.

Neurological Pain
Headaches (migraines and other headaches), carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, numbness pain, tremors, paralysis bell's palsy, post-stroke, trigeminal neuralgia, facial palsy (early stage), TMJ.

How do we treat your pain?

Acupuncture reaches deeper levels of muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues that massages can’t reach. Acupuncture helps to adjust the Qi (energy flow) and Blood systems and stimulate the body’s circulation in order to remove toxins and damaged cells. Acupuncture also reduces inflammation and speeds up healing through the release of vascular and immunity factors.

Our unique Tui Na massage techniques are gentle, yet powerful deep tissue massage. Tui Na massage releases stiffness in joints and tendons to minimize restriction and strengthen other supporting structures.

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional well-being is the 2nd most common reason for visiting our clinic.
Addiction behaviors
Cold and sweaty hands and feet
Excess anxiety, worry, guilt, and nervous symptoms
Mood swings
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), including acupuncture, diet therapy, and herbal medicine has proven greatly successful in the treatment of psycho-emotional issues.
Ancient evidence over the past 3000 years, as well as more recent clinical studies, have shown that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can effectively relieve many emotional issues. Chinese medicine is also widely used in treating addictions and addictive behavior, such as smoking, over-eating, cravings, or drug overdoses.

How do we treat your emotional well-being?

We provide a natural form of healing without any side effects and greatly improve emotional issues to help you return to a happier life. Our treatment program adjusts the function of internal organs, in order to remove unhealthy stress and release blocked energy to balance Qi and Blood flow and heal the body physically and mentally.

Women's Health

Chinese Medicine Theory is used to understand and treat a broad range of gynecological issues. Our clinic offers female TCM Practitioners who are experts in treating such conditions.​
- Menstrual Disorder: painful period, PMS, cycle-length disorder, flow (amount) disorder.
- Uterus Disorder: fibroid, endometritis, bleeding, uterine atrophy.
- Menopause Syndrome: hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, emotional change.
- Others: women's hair loss, urinary disorders, vaginal symptoms, urinary disorder symptoms.

How do we treat Women's Health?

Women have complex bodies, which can become imbalanced, leading to symptoms such as menstrual disorders, uterine disorders, pregnancy issues, and hormonal imbalances.
Together, Acupuncture and Herbal Remedies are a powerful and effective combination for treating many gynecology disorders.
After consultation, we will select specific Acupuncture points and Herbal remedies for each individual’s needs.
These remedies will help re-balance Qi and blood flow, re-adjustment hormone imbalances, and regulate and strengthen the uterus within a woman’s body.

Men's Wellness

Men are becoming more involved in their health, and talking about a variety of men’s health and reproductive issues. Our clinic offer male TCM Practitioners who can help treat male disorders:
Premature Ejaculation
Erectile Dysfunction
Nocturnal Emission
Testicular Pain

How do we treat Men's wellness?

Chinese medicine treats men’s health issues with natural methods that avoid side effects.
In TCM, the kidneys are thought of as the center of all male complaints. Although other organ systems tend to be involved, such as the Liver, Spleen, Bladder, and Heart the kidneys are usually at the core of the problem.
Due to the way that these disorders affect the quality of a man’s life, men have a renewed interest in the quality and longevity of their health.
These are all steps in the right direction, and this is a trend that should be encouraged by healthcare practitioners.