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$210 + GST  Per Session 


$260 (No GST) Per Session | 60 min or $280 (No GST) Per Session | 75 min

Includes Cosmetic Acupuncture + Microcurrent Lifting + Face Cupping + Face Guasha + H.F. + Facial Massage. 

* This treatment can be covered under Acupuncture Extended Health Benefits as its performed by a Registered Acupuncturist and falls under the Acupuncture Scope




Esthetician and Massage Therapist


  • The results are instantly visible 

  • You have zero downtime

  • Activates the energy of the body

  • Restores muscle and nerves

  • Reduce face lines due to aging

  • Makes a healthier and younger-looking appearance

  • Improves skin elasticity

  • Helps to burn the fat


It is a new concept of equipment that activates the body by increasing the energy of the body through microcurrent stimulation and restores the muscle and nerve balance of the body.

The mechanism of action is a system in which electric current gently and strongly stimulates the deep muscles. You can achieve a youthful skin by improving skin electricity, burning fat, and repairing muscle tissues with this therapy.


Microcurrent Therapy differs from the original therapy that requires strong pressure, just with light touches your body can experience changes.

Microcurrent facials are like a gym workout for your face.


Double Cleansing

We wash twice to achieve a deeper clean.  First, we use an oil-based cleanser or micellar water to remove any makeup and sunscreen. The second cleanse helps take care of what cannot see like pollutants and debris.

Face Contour Massage to relax the muscles

The aesthetician will start with soft massages on your face to start activating the muscles and prepare them for the Microcurrent Therapy.

Microcurrent Therapy

The practitioner will apply a thin film of a conductive gel on your face, and with gentle and light touches of her hands will transfer the microcurrent stimulation to your face and neck, and you will start filling a little tingling, this means that the current is effective.


Now, just relax, mask time

You will finish this treatment with a mask to relax your muscles and finish with a fresh and youthful look.





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Image by Diego PH
Image by Alexander Grey

Q & A

Q: What is the sensation of having Microcurrent Therapy?
A: You will fill a little tingling, which is totally normal. The intensity of the current will depend on how you are feeling about the tingling, you will be able to talk with the practitioner and let her know if you want more or less current.

Q: Does your body can move involuntarily with this treatment?

A: In deed, this current works directly with the nerves and the connections of this nervesit can be reflected by movements of your body, for example, if the hands of the practitioner are in your neck area, your shoulder can start making small movements, but you don't have to worry, that is natural reflections of your body/nerves.

Q: Hoy many sessions do I need?

A: After the first session of this treatment you will notice the results. The recommendation from our professionals is to have this treatment at least once a month to conserve the effects and keep training your muscles so they can start becoming tighter each time.

Q: Are any contradictions on having this treatment?

A: Microcurrent is a very safe treatment but you need to avoid this treatment if you:
- Are Pregnant

- Have Electrical Implant Devices Such as a Pacemaker

- Have Epilepsy and History of Seizures

- Had Cancer within the last 2 years

- Have Heart Conditions

- Have Diabetes

- Have Metal Implants

- Have Excessive Fillings or Bridgework

- Had Thrombosis

Q: So this is like a Face Lifting?

A: No, the results are not the same. Microcurrent facial treatments are a great non-surgical alternative to a healthier and younger-looking appearance. Actually, results are like turning back the clock for 5 to 8 years in terms of your appearance.

Q: Can I have the treatment before a special occasion?

A: Sure! Actually, that is one of the greatest advantages of this treatment, the results are immediately visible, and you will not need any downtime, so of course, we would love to be a part of your special occasion preparation.

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