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5 Health Conditions That Massage Therapy Can Help

Massage has been known as a tool to treat pain for centuries across many cultures. Nowadays massage is an integral part of the routine of many people to maintain overall health in many aspects of their lives. This is because massage can treat a wide variety of health concerns. At the same time is a moment for them to just relax and pause their day for a moment. In this blog, we will talk about the 5 main conditions that massage therapy can help.

Manual Therapy like Massage is useful in healing injuries, easing pain, reducing stress, and preventing and curing illnesses in Eastern and Western Civilizations. Massages can also aid in the discharge of toxins that have amassed in your body, producing a variety of health issues as well as improve circulation, relieve tension, reduce anxiety, alleviate anxiety, enhance sleep, and encourage relaxation throughout the entire body, which all lead to further benefits. Here are the top 5 health conditions where massage therapy can be your best ally to treat:

1. Sore muscles recovery

Whether from a day of hard work or an acute injury, massage loosens muscles, works out the knots, and brings increased circulation to an area in order to provide healing and a quicker recovery. Regular massage can effectively boost blood circulation. Blood flow helps deliver adequate oxygen and nutrients to the affected area.
Repetitive use results in tight muscles and possible scar tissues, both of which can cause significant pain over time. Massage loosens muscles and the tendons and ligaments surrounding them while also promoting circulation and helping prevent scar tissue from forming.

2. Insomnia

Getting a massage not only promotes a night of restful sleep but also helps those who cannot rest comfortably. It helps people undergoing chemo or radiation therapy feel more relaxed and well-rested every night. This is because massage can lower stress hormones while increasing dopamine and endorphin levels which help improve mood and decrease pain. If massage makes you sleepy, it's because the body is literally resting and revitalizing itself

3. Digestive Problems

Massage therapy, focusing gently on applying pressure in the abdomen area helps to increase circulation throughout the entire body, including your digestive system. Additionally, the stimulation will promote the production of gastric acid and protease pepsin in the stomach. These are the enzymes that help to break food down into smaller particles. Food that is not broken down quickly will sit in the digestive tract and begin to ferment. This leads to uncomfortable gas and bloating, both of which can be eased by massage.

Also, the increased production of enzymes that break down foods means that more of the nutritive value will be extracted from what you eat. Massage that promotes healthy digestion does more than ease immediate digestive symptoms. It keeps you healthy and strong going into the future.

4. Headaches and migraines

Millions of Canadians experience headaches and migraines regularly, sometimes even daily. Many have found relief in massage therapy. Bodywork can relax stiff muscles and reduce tension in the body, which can lead to a decrease in headache pain. Also, massage can help relieve tension headaches by releasing overly tight head, neck, and shoulder muscles through Massage techniques such as trigger point therapy and stretching exercises.

Massage is an effective way to reduce the frequency, and duration and also help to prevent the occurrence of tension-type headaches. You can have more frequent massages depending on your symptoms.

5. Anxiety

Massage therapy lowers cortisol and relaxes the body to help release the effects of stress, anxiety, and feelings of sadness. Massage therapy is a tool to help calm and relax the body and mind. Another very interesting fact is that massage can be considered an hour-long hug, as it can fulfill the need for human contact and comforting touch.

In conclusion, besides having a time off and just relaxing on the massage bed, you can have other many benefits from this ancestral medicine. These are just the top 5 benefits but we know that talking about Massage Benefits the list is huge. Book a session with our Registered Massage Therapists at Yaletown Wellness, start feeling all those endorphins in your body and improve the quality of your life! If you have any inquiries about this treatment don't hesitate to contact us at 603 633 0998 or email us at


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