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How does Microcurrent Facial works?

This treatment has been a trending topic for a while now, and we are going to tell you why this ‘Non-Surgical Face Lift’ is so popular and also so effective.

Are you looking to lift and firm your skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and don't want botox or fillers? If you responded yes, then you’re a candidate for a Microcurrent Facial which is a non-surgical and non-invasive anti-aging treatment for all skin types. This treatment has been keeping celebrities with a firm and youthful but natural look.

Microcurrent works with a technology that activates the face by increasing the energy through micro electrical current stimulation and restores the muscle and nerve balance of the face and body. This is because the microcurrent stimulates cells to produce more ATP, which is the energy that our cells use to promote healing.

You might think that Face Contour Massage can bring the same effects, and that is kind of true, but a Face Contour Massage requires strong pressure, and Microcurrent does all the job with just light touches on your face. If you are someone who likes strong pressure go for Facial Massage, otherwise, Microcurrent can be way lighter and more relaxing delivering the same results. This is a painless and safe treatment for most of the population, this is because the treatment uses a low-grade electrical current, and people with pacemakers or any kind of heart condition should avoid it. As well as pregnant women. Before the treatment at our clinic, we always ask our patients to fill out an Intake Form where they can specify if they have any allergies or skin sensitiveness, that way our aestheticians will be aware of that and they will regulate the current for their particular case.

7 things to know about Microcurrent Facial

1. Enhance the definition
2. Improve elasticity due to an increase in natural elastin production 3. Diminish wrinkles and fine lines
4. Produce collagen in your dermis to plump the skin
5. Is a non-invasive treatment
6. Diminish pigmentation and skin roughness
7. The results are visible instantly!

How many treatments do I need?

This is the question of the million dollars, and the answer always depends on your desired results and the complexity of your condition. Our recommendations will be once per month for maintenance to keep the effects. Microcurrent also works at re-educating the facial muscles to return to their original positions. So the more often you come, the more trained your muscles will be. Think of it like going to the gym for your facial muscles. If you have any questions about this treatment check our Microcurrent Page in this link, or e-mail us at and we will be happy to assist you.


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