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Acne Scarring? 3 Natural Treatments That Actually Work!

Say goodbye to acne scarring with these gentle and natural treatments! Acne scarring and hyperpigmentation can be frustrating and difficult to treat, but there’s no need to resort to harsh measures. We’ve gathered three of the most effective natural treatments to help you achieve smooth, blemish-free skin after a breakout.

First up, we have Facial Acupuncture

The perfect anti-aging treatment that also helps reduce post-acne pitting. The ultra-fine acupuncture needles create a ‘micro-trauma’ that triggers collagen production, helping to firm the skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it can also help disperse scar tissue and flatten post-acne lumps. With around 4-10 sessions depending on the severity of your scars, cosmetic acupuncture can help reduce acne redness, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, raised scars, and pitted acne scars.
Here we listed all the Facial Acupuncture Varieties that we have at our clinic:

$150 ( No GST) ​Per Session | 75 min total Combines Facial Acupuncture, Face Cupping, LED Light Therapy, and Face Guasha with our mini-facial to enhance the treatment with medical-grade skincare.
$175 (No GST) Per Session | 90 min total Combines everything in our facial acupuncture and adds a Face Lifting Massage, High Frequency & Ultra Sound Therapies.
$250 (No GST) Per Session | 90 min total The treatment combines Cosmetic Acupuncture,+ Face Cupping + LED Light + Face Gua-sha Treatment Face intraoral massage or TMJ, gua-sha, and sculptural facial massage.
$250 (No GST) Per Session | 90 min total Besides Cosmetic Acupuncture, the treatment focus on lifting, Facial Slimming, and Firmness to restore a youthful face shape. Enhance skin tightening to achieve a defined jaw and slim cheekbones and a sharper chin.

Next, we have Gua Sha –

The traditional Chinese medicine technique of facial ‘scraping’ massages. Although not suitable for those with active acne, Gua Sha massages can help reduce acne scarring by stimulating blood flow, which transports more oxygen and nutrients to the skin for accelerated healing. Incorporating a Gua Sha massage into all treatments at Facial Acupuncture at Yaletown Wellness can lead to a clearer, more radiant complexion, firmer skin, and a reduction in puffiness. And for a daily at-home treatment, try using a jade or rose quartz tool for 5-10 minutes a day.

Finally, we have Chinese Medicine Herbs -

Which helps treat acne scarring from the inside out. Prescribed based on the individual, these safe and effective herbs can assist with scar reduction by boosting blood circulation and addressing any imbalances that could be impairing the healing process.
But prevention is always better than correction. Avoid acne scarring by refraining from picking pimples. Squeezing acne causes further trauma and can spread breakouts or send the infection deeper into the skin. If you need to extract, consult with a professional. And no matter how oily or blemish-prone your skin is, don’t skip the moisturizer. Dry skin heals more slowly and has an increased risk of scarring and redness, so make sure to keep skin hydrated with an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer designed for oily skin.
Acne scarring and hyperpigmentation can be a frustrating aftermath of a breakout, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture on your skin. With these natural treatments and prevention tips, achieving smooth, blemish-free skin is within reach.
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