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Sky Tait has a passion for bringing relief through working with his hand. He has come to the view that the western and eastern approaches to bodywork have much to offer each other. Using a diverse array of direct and indirect techniques, he caters each treatment to help the patient reach their goals.


While focusing on pain management and prevention, Sky also believes that working with the nervous system to promote relaxation is an important aspect of massage which is often undervalued therapeutically. To assist in recovery or maintenance, Sky encourages people to take their relief into their own hands between treatments by offering exercise, stretching, or postural suggestions to further their benefit.


He has a registered massage therapist certificate with a background in shiatsu therapy, he studied massage therapy at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy and shiatsu therapy at Source point Shiatsu Centre.


Sky has learned to be attentive to details, from the small to the large. Also, to narrow down a client’s spectrum of ailments and help free the client of their pains & stresses. Through his work at Yaletown Wellness Center, Sky sees the need for appropriate stretches that include massage therapy to help your muscles prepare and recover quicker.

Sky Tait
(RMT) Registered Massage Therapist
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