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Trish has been introduced to Massage Therapy at a young age which has then sparked her interest in the concept of healing and wellness through massage applications.

Through observation, she enjoyed practicing on family members constantly for years. Decades later, she decided to pursue her career as an RMT and graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy(WCCMT) on December 2019.

Trish has both the hands-on experience and clinical knowledge to effectively treat various conditions ranging from muscular/soft tissue, ligamentous, joint and fascial issues. Trish also has experience with prenatal, postnatal and antenatal care as well as patients with neurological conditions such as MS. Her goal is to provide the best care for her patients and to accelerate their healing process.

She believes in strengthening the mind-body connection and aims to share her clinical knowledge through patient education to further restore and maintain wellness.

Trish Mayuga
Registered Massage Therapist
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