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Certified Aesthetician & Massage Therapist

Adela has a true passion for Esthetics and exciting her clients. She graduated with a Certificate in Esthetics and Spa Therapy specializing in : - Body massage - Hot stone massage - Body wrap - Facial treatments - Microneedling - Customized and Advanced facials - LED Therapy and High-frequency Adela is an esthetician who believes in a holistic approach to beauty. Her passion helped her pursue further education and she obtained a certificate in Esthetics and Spa Therapy.

Her scope of work specializes in body massage, hot stone massage, body wrap and facial treatments. Thanks to her ability to analyze and deep research on skincare, she can offer personalized skincare plans and advanced facial treatment such as Galvanic treatment, LED, High-frequency, Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent. She also equipped herself with hands-on experience and clinical knowledge backed by Official Certification Eminence & Dermalogica.

Her passion is simply to ignite your inner beauty and confidence by utilizing Advanced Facial treatments with a holistic, mind-body approach. Her kindness and openness help her communicate with her patients to provide the best care and to accelerate their healing process. Meet Adela today for your better skin routines

Adela Pencu
Certified Aesthetician
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